Monday, November 13, 2006

Bush Copies Britney In K-Fed/D-Fed Dump Shock

It emerged early this morning that our fearless leader, President Bush, copied Britney Spears in the style that he dumped his Defence Secretary last week. The Pop Princess famously dumped her husband Kevin Federline and has begun a bitter divorce and custody battle.

Parallels between the two break-ups were highlighted by an un-named senior Republican who was with Rumseld as he received a text message from the 'Big Bush' (the name Don liked to call him) saying it was over. Co-incidentally, this moment was captured by a camera crew filming a behind the scenes reality show called 'The Simplier Life : Government Style'. The show is a mid-season replacement for a main network which is due to air it sometime in the new year.

Further rumours that a custody battle is to loom with Bush and Don fighting over their DVD collection which includes Air Force One, Die Hard Trilogy and Sex In The City boxset which is believed to have great sentimental value to both parties.

Initial reports about the pair having tickets to see Hillary Duff in concert have come to nothing as George sold the tickets on ebay for a handsome profit.

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