Monday, November 13, 2006

US Dusts Off Canada Invasion Plans As Canadian Scholars Smoke Pot

We're following a developing story tonight in which the US's northern neighbour has sparked up quite a furor in Washington circles.

Two Toronto Professors have been given the green light to smoke pot due to medical conditions. However the United States' liberal neighbour has finally gone 'one joint too far' a senior source said this afternoon. The same source added that it was clear the Professors are just the tip of the iceberg, thousands of educational staff are suspected of teaching illegal methods of how students can get totally off their faces.

Behind closed doors, plans are afoot for a full scale military invasion of Canada, scheduled for this Wednesday between 9am and 5pm eastern ( 6am thru 2pm pacific). Military deployment has already begun, soldiers are being moved from Basra to the Canadian border, secret service agents are already over the border, disguised as tourists at Niagara Falls.

The Canadian Ambassador to the US in Washington has responded by sending a strongly worded letter to the President, along with a complimentary box of Maple Syrup and a Blue Jays baseball cap.

The soldiers hope to be home by Christmas.

  • Proof that Canada could launch Joints Of Mass Destruction, JMDs, within 45 minutes
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