Friday, November 03, 2006

Tom Cruise's Ego Becomes Dangerously Overloaded. STAND CLEAR!

A small man who likes to make big statements. It must have been too much to expect Tom Cruise to keep quiet following all the controversy recently surrounding his religious, personnal and career orientated comments.

You can just hear his PR people saying to him after he'd been jumping up and down on Oprah's sofa and buying cheap ultrasound equipment on Ebay to keep his head below the parapet for a few months.

Of course he didn't listen. Today he decided to buy a film studio. Of course, the movies it will make will all feature him.

So let that be a lesson to us all if we ever get to Hollywood. If you annoy your movie studio bosses, don't worry too much about getting employment.

Just buy your own studio and make your own films.

See, life really isn't THAT difficult now is it?

  • What you can do; if you have the money and a movie studio to buy
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