Friday, November 17, 2006

Shiny Uniforms Reason Behind US Air Bid For Delta

Uniform envy is high on the agenda in US Airways $8 billion bid for Delta. US Airways said they really wanted to get their hands on Delta's sharp and crisp lines design for staff, compared with the bidder's own crisp and sharp lined outfits. Consolidation of routes and reduction in overcapacity on underused destinations would be a secondary priority once new, Delta style, uniforms had been rolled out to the entire staff.

An unknown source said that if Delta made the terms more difficult then US would bite back by making them hand the former US staff their uniforms and, until additional outfits were delivered, make the former Delta staff do their duties in their vests and pants.

The dealbreaker was said to be those silver-grey natty hankerchiefs worn by Delta workers in their breast pockets.

  • Read the true details about the $8 billion Delta bid here
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